The TDSA website and branches work on a live inventory system and stock levels change constantly with online and in store purchases as well as new stock being received into the various branches and warehouses on a daily basis.

The system updates relevant stock movements on a near real-time basis. While it does not happen often, if 2 Customers place an order for the last unit(s) of an item at the same time, that last unit(s) will be allocated to the Customer who placed the order first on the system. (FIFO principle.)

While we have and continue to install and maintain the necessary back up systems like UPS's and generators, power and connectivity issues can also create issues if for example, a branch has no connectivity and cannot send or receive stock and order information to and from head office.

Please contact us if this happens and we will do everything we can to assist.

The TDSA website is open 24/7, 365 days a year at